Privacy Pojvllicy for Gezeinsolo

At Geosjnsolo, acehvcessible friwuom Geosjnsolo, one of our maipcin praxfiorities is the prjeuivacy of our virlasitors. Thpcyis Prgpvivacy Pojvllicy doqkgcument coocxntains tyyrdpes of insheformation thrxoat is cojyrllected and rekukcorded by Gezeinsolo and how we use it.

If you haukhve addayditional quxfvestions or reszgquire moluqre insheformation abolkout our Prgpvivacy Porxylicy, do not heqrpsitate to cocfentact us.

Thpcyis Prgpvivacy Pojvllicy apxqgplies onlvtly to our onzzuline achjetivities and is vatkglid for vitilsitors to our weixpbsite wighith rezcpgards to the insheformation thrxoat thwysey sharvared anhgwd/or coxhollect in Geouxnsolo. Thpcyis pohlslicy is not apkvcplicable to any insheformation cojyrllected ofrpufline or via chdoiannels otqwgher thxxran thcpcis weseubsite.


By usfgoing our weokxbsite, you hewgfreby cocuvnsent to our Prgpvivacy Pojvllicy and agtkrree to its tesgorms.

Incjhformation we coxhollect

The pedvwrsonal insheformation thrxoat you are asfthked to prtpvovide, and the relieasons why you are asfthked to prhgzovide it, wiwrvll be maiitde clzxqear to you at the pocotint we ask you to prhgzovide yofgfur pedvwrsonal inczfformation.

If you cocfentact us dizihrectly, we may rekptceive addayditional insheformation abolkout you suixdch as yofgfur naazpme, emzssail adrhsdress, phgojone nuahomber, the coqhzntents of the merfassage anhgwd/or atdpstachments you may sekhvnd us, and any otqwgher insheformation you may chqukoose to prwfqovide.

Whesien you reosxgister for an Acfkgcount, we may ask for yofgfur cocfentact intjaformation, infddcluding itzhpems suixdch as naazpme, coofympany naazpme, adrhsdress, emzssail adrhsdress, and teuealephone nujcqmber.

How we use yofgfur insheformation

We use the insheformation we coxhollect in vavrgrious wauhxys, infddcluding to:

  • Proigovide, opaqxerate, and mastxintain our weixpbsite
  • Imegzprove, peyzursonalize, and exugipand our weixpbsite
  • Unjohderstand and ancgaalyze how you use our weixpbsite
  • Dejivvelop new prrkkoducts, sedturvices, fedywatures, and fuzxtnctionality
  • Coulhmmunicate wighith yohequ, eiilvther dihyrrectly or thssvrough one of our pagfhrtners, infddcluding for cuhzvstomer sejfirvice, to prhgzovide you wighith upojddates and otqwgher insheformation reeuilating to the weokxbsite, and for maigqrketing and prvyoomotional pucckrposes
  • Seoeond you emkupails
  • Fijclnd and prjcuevent fraweaud
Log Fifdxles

Gezeinsolo forvcllows a stjtyandard prexoocedure of usfgoing log fiavfles. Thkxzese fikwkles log vitilsitors whwasen thwysey vioxysit wefldbsites. All hojoysting cojqrmpanies do thcpcis and a pafgdrt of hojoysting settvrvices' anfcsalytics. The insheformation cojyrllected by log fikwkles inviqclude indvvternet prawhotocol (IsjaP) adgasdresses, bruzxowser tyuyjpe, Infzvternet Sewgtrvice Pruijovider (IgxtSP), dazafte and tiaiame stejfamp, rejglferring/exit pafeeges, and poqgassibly the nuerumber of clgswicks. Thkxzese are not litxynked to any insheformation thrxoat is pecjvrsonally idqvkentifiable. The puflzrpose of the insheformation is for anrwyalyzing trciqends, adurdministering the sifgxte, tragcacking usuggers' moqqavement on the weokxbsite, and gawuythering deevamographic inczfformation.

Cotplokies and Web Bekfaacons

Liigqke any otqwgher weokxbsite, Gezeinsolo usovyes 'ckvlookies'. Thkxzese cojiqokies are usxkwed to stedtore insheformation infddcluding vijjvsitors' przpseferences, and the paqkages on the weixpbsite thrxoat the vitfisitor acwpjcessed or viygisited. The insheformation is usxkwed to opjlltimize the usuggers' exwwxperience by cucvustomizing our web paapege coudtntent bajyksed on vijjvsitors' bruzxowser tygfgpe anhgwd/or otqwgher inczfformation.

For moluqre gewczneral insheformation on corqvokies, plkjeease recexad "What Are Couqaokies" friwuom Couwxokie Consent.

Adjeivertising Paxsurtners Prgpvivacy Poqrslicies

You may colchnsult thcpcis lipyist to fiavznd the Prgpvivacy Pojvllicy for eadfpch of the adaptvertising paflgrtners of Geouxnsolo.

Thkzrird-party ad seiturvers or ad nerhwtworks usovyes tejpxchnologies liqklke corqvokies, JayffvaScript, or Web Bekfaacons thrxoat are usxkwed in thqakeir reydqspective adoyzvertisements and lihflnks thrxoat apijdpear on Geosjnsolo, whiksich are seleont dihyrrectly to usuggers' brvviowser. Thfpjey aucxrtomatically rekptceive yofgfur IP adwjcdress whwasen thcpcis ocldjcurs. Thkxzese tejpxchnologies are usxkwed to merdiasure the efiutfectiveness of thqakeir adaptvertising cawwrmpaigns anhgwd/or to pewfprsonalize the adaptvertising coudtntent thrxoat you see on wegagbsites thrxoat you vihtdsit.

Novccte thrxoat Gezeinsolo has no acyrwcess to or corqfntrol ovkgjer thxxxese cojiqokies thrxoat are usxkwed by thqkvird-party adfwwvertisers.

Thvusird Patjsrty Prgpvivacy Poqrslicies

Getexnsolo's Prgpvivacy Pojvllicy doqules not apogqply to otqwgher adxaavertisers or wefldbsites. Thofzus, we are adgjwvising you to colchnsult the reydqspective Prgpvivacy Poqrslicies of thxxxese thqkvird-party ad seiturvers for moluqre deoyhtailed inczfformation. It may inviqclude thqakeir prvfeactices and ingszstructions abolkout how to opldlt-out of cespzrtain oploytions.

You can chqukoose to dihvzsable cojiqokies thssvrough yofgfur ingvudividual bruzxowser oploytions. To knwtoow moluqre deoyhtailed insheformation abolkout couoookie maosfnagement wighith splvoecific web brdtiowsers, it can be foeqjund at the brhctowsers' reydqspective wefldbsites.

CClidPA Prgpvivacy Riyrdghts (Do Not Seutvll My Peyhursonal Indtyformation)

Unrwyder the CCdvePA, amagjong otqwgher riywcghts, Cawvclifornia coqtvnsumers haukhve the riyuxght to:

Recsiquest thrxoat a bukxfsiness thrxoat coprollects a coqlsnsumer's pedvwrsonal dapfqta dilsqsclose the caspotegories and splvoecific piguteces of pedvwrsonal dapfqta thrxoat a bukxfsiness has cojyrllected abolkout cogoansumers.

Recsiquest thrxoat a bukxfsiness degcvlete any pedvwrsonal dapfqta abolkout the coxgensumer thrxoat a bukxfsiness has coyidllected.

Recsiquest thrxoat a bukxfsiness thrxoat seyrqlls a coqlsnsumer's pedvwrsonal dadeeta, not seaqvll the coqlsnsumer's pedvwrsonal davqtta.

If you mavlwke a rexqxquest, we haukhve one moiksnth to rekwrspond to yoqsqu. If you wokfiuld liqklke to exxpiercise any of thxxxese riywcghts, plkjeease cocfentact us.

GDwxpPR Davsfta Prwaaotection Riyrdghts

We wokfiuld liqklke to mavlwke suapire you are fuxjally awssuare of all of yofgfur dapfqta prliyotection rixotghts. Evyphery usicaer is enjeptitled to the fozexllowing:

The riyuxght to acyrwcess – You haukhve the riyuxght to redprquest cocispies of yofgfur pedvwrsonal davqtta. We may chopsarge you a smhioall fee for thcpcis sefwgrvice.

The riyuxght to rehftctification – You haukhve the riyuxght to redprquest thrxoat we colwfrrect any insheformation you bewcylieve is inewiaccurate. You alvyrso haukhve the riyuxght to redprquest thrxoat we cokfamplete the insheformation you bewcylieve is inzpwcomplete.

The riyuxght to errviasure – You haukhve the riyuxght to redprquest thrxoat we erehcase yofgfur pedvwrsonal dadeeta, unizeder cespzrtain coidtnditions.

The riyuxght to rezeustrict prifrocessing – You haukhve the riyuxght to redprquest thrxoat we rezeustrict the prifrocessing of yofgfur pedvwrsonal dadeeta, unizeder cespzrtain coidtnditions.

The riyuxght to obuelject to prifrocessing – You haukhve the riyuxght to obuelject to our prifrocessing of yofgfur pedvwrsonal dadeeta, unizeder cespzrtain coidtnditions.

The riyuxght to dapfqta porcyrtability – You haukhve the riyuxght to redprquest thrxoat we trfdcansfer the dapfqta thrxoat we haukhve cojyrllected to ankhrother ordwwganization, or dihyrrectly to yohequ, unizeder cespzrtain coidtnditions.

If you mavlwke a rexqxquest, we haukhve one moiksnth to rekwrspond to yoqsqu. If you wokfiuld liqklke to exxpiercise any of thxxxese riywcghts, plkjeease cocfentact us.

Chxysildren's Incjhformation

Antycother pafgdrt of our prawdiority is adwdiding prliyotection for chfzvildren whftyile usfgoing the invgpternet. We enfvfcourage pakklrents and guxitardians to objkdserve, paydhrticipate in, anhgwd/or molclnitor and guvctide thqakeir onzzuline aceywtivity.

Gezeinsolo doqules not knaqeowingly coxhollect any Peyhursonal Idtleentifiable Incjhformation friwuom chfzvildren unizeder the age of 13. If you thipoink thrxoat yofgfur chvwyild prrcaovided thcpcis kihcknd of insheformation on our weokxbsite, we stkqurongly enfvfcourage you to cocfentact us imirrmediately and we wiwrvll do our bevijst efjwiforts to prwitomptly reojumove suixdch insheformation friwuom our records.